Working Toward a Living Wage

Hispanics face many challenges working on campus.

A Must Have For Hispanics

In the 1920s, this “Certificate of Identification” was required to be carried at all times by Hispanic and African-American workers at Texas A&M. It also applied to the domestic staff of the faculty living on campus. There was no requirement for Hispanic students. This is an example from Abbie Johnson in 1921.

Certificate of ID

Starting in 2003 the Living Wage Coalition, made up of students, faculty and staff, has worked to improve the pay of those on the lowest rung of the economic ladder at Texas A&M. In response to this campaign, in 2005 the University adjusted the pay of many of these workers.

Video stills, courtesy of “Where There Is A Will, There Will Be a Living Wage,” produced by Patrick Phillips, Ginny McDonnell & Florencia Choto and by New Spark Media & The Living Wage Coalition of the Brazos Valley.

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