Early Beginnings: Food Service

Food services was the first employer for Hispanics on campus

Conflict: Who's Feeding the Corps?

The following are excerpts from an article titled, “Another Mess Hall Suggestion,” from The Battalion editorial. The article raises the question, “Why not give all students a chance to earn their way through school?”

The first Hispanic workers at Texas A&M probably came with Bernard Sbisa, the director of the Subsistence Department, to work in the mess hall. Sbisa, a Czech immigrant, had opened the Commercial Hotel in Matamoros, México in 1864 where he became accustomed to working with Mexicans in food service. When he returned to Texas in 1868 he brought many of his workers with him to Galveston. He continued the practice of employing Hispanic workers when he came to Texas A&M and thus began a long tradition.

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