Lifetimes of Work

The individuals presented here are representative of many food and workers who have had careers spanning decades at Texas A&M.

Pete L. Rodríguez

52 Years of Service

Pete L. Rodríguez, or “Uncle Pete,” as he is known at Texas A&M and in the Bryan/College Station community, worked for the University for 52 years. He was a catalyst in the Mexican-American community and aided many persons during his long tenure. He began his career at the Aggieland Inn, later becoming the purchasing agent for the Chemistry Department, until his retirement. During WWII, he fought in the Battle of the Bulge. He is the patriarch of the now extensive Rodríguez family that includes several generations and was one of the first Latino families to settle in Bryan, Texas.

Daniel Ruíz

Food Services
43 Years of Service

Daniel Ruíz worked for Food Services for 43 years. He served in the Philippines under General MacArthur with the 37th Division. He began working at Texas A&M in 1951. He worked on many receptions and at banquets at the MSC. He retired in August 1986, and is active in the Bryan Hispanic community, formerly coaching the LULAC Council 229 Men’s baseball team.

Emilio Salazar

Food Services
42 Years of Service

Emilio Salazar was born in Skidmore, Texas on August 11, 1913. He worked at Sbisa Hall for 42 years beginning when he was 17. He earned twenty-five cents an hour and lived on campus in a workers dormitory called La Arca. Dorothy Hernández, Emilio’s daughter, states that “every Hispanic in Bryan/College station at one time worked for Food Service, at Sbisa or at the Mess Hall.” Working at Texas A&M was a family affair for the Salazars, Emilio’s wife, Maria Louisa Salazar, once worked for the Board of Regents.

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