Athletic Achievements

Bernardo Martínez

Class of 1995

Bernardo Martínez, 1995 tennis team captain lettered all four years at Texas A&M. Along with his younger brother and fellow teammate Eduardo Martínez, Class of 1996, he helped the Aggie tennis team set a school record of 23 wins and 4 losses and win the Co-Championship of the Southwest Conference in 1994. He was born in México City, México. He was an excellent student and earned three Academic Achievement Awards before graduating with a degree in marketing. He currently makes his home in México.

Tennis Prodigy

Jerry Machado Makowski

Class of 2008

Jerry Machado Makowski, a business major, graduated from high school at 13 and trained for seven years at the famed Bollettieri Tennis Academy in Bradenton, Fla. He is the son of Jerzy and Alma-Rosa Makowski of Bradenton, Fla. His parents were immigrants to America; his father from Poland and his mother from Puerto Rico. As a child he would speak a mixture of Polish and Spanish that his teachers thought was gibberish. Now, as an A&M sophomore, he has posted numerous victories including besting the number three college tennis player in America.

Rodrigo B. Rodriguéz

Class of 1912

Rodrigo B. Rodriguéz, an Electrical Engineering major from San Luis Potosi, México was the first known Hispanic to be a member of the Texas A&M tennis team. In addition, he served as secretary and treasurer of the team in 1911. Originally organized only a few years before in 1909, the team was little more than a club sport taking its first steps in intercollegiate competition against Baylor University and the University of Texas.

Bertram E. Giesecke ‘11 president (left) and Rodrigo B. Rodriguèz ’12 secretary and treasurer pose as team officers and doubles team for the 1911 Texas A&M tennis team.

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