Latin American

The Latin American Club appears to have begun on the Texas A&M campus in the early part of the 20th Century and functioned for students from Latin America in much the same way as the home town clubs. It was a social organization where students could share their common backgrounds and language, as well as seek solutions to the problems of college life in a place that was very far from home.

Dominican Republic Club

Like other country clubs, the Dominican Republic Club, shown here in 1970, formed as more students from Latin America came to Texas A&M after World War II. All provided important home-away-from-home connections to ease the transition to college life in a new country.

Association of
Mexican Students

This group formed at Texas A&M to provide support and assistance for students from México. Country student clubs gradually replaced older organizations such as the Cosmo and Pan American Clubs of the 1920s and assumed their functions on a more country specific basis.

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